The company anel AE was founded in 1998 with the retail and wholesale sale of women's clothing. The brand is essentially an evolution of the first family business, also in womenswear.

anel women's clothing is synonymous with high quality, unique designs and affordable prices. In us you will find a huge selection of women's blouses, women's shirts, skirts, women's coats, dresses, women's trousers and women's cardigans.

The company started with a network of retail stores and at the same time moved into wholesale. Today, you can find anel women's clothing in 980 points of sale in Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, Germany and England. Four of our eight corporate stores operate in Thessaloniki, in the center of the city. The other four operate in Athens, Larissa, Ptolemaida and Serres. Visit one of our stores across Greece today or view our wonderful collection online! Register online today for wholesale or retail orders and take advantage of our unique offers.

The goal of the anel company is the further development with the creation of new company stores and franchises throughout Greece with the establishment of at least 30 new stores in regional cities and shopping centers.